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Between January and December 2007 Friendly Noise released 18 mp3 singles offered as free downloads from www.friendlynoise.se. From the start it was decided to be a one-year-long project. The idea was simple: contributions chosen by us from our extended family of old friends and new discoveries, usually two songs, together with an introduction by the artists themselves and a picture to illustrate and enhance, once or twice a month. This was meant as a complement to our CD releases, and a chance to easily distribute great songs, in cases where the album context isn’t necessary. These two ways of distribution aren’t contradictory, they’re related, as we stated on our website.

Soon we realized the series had become a success, both when it came to the quality of the output and the amount of interest generated. So “Splendid Isolation” — our third compilation after “Friendly People ­Making Noise” (2003) and “Are You Scared To Get Happy?” (2006) — is our way of documenting the series through a selection of the songs and thus giving them a more official kind of release. We began the series on 23 January, 2007 with re-releases of two very rare records, by Differnet and Viktor Sjöberg. They were originally re­leased as limited edition 3” CD-R:s only available when we celebrated the fourth year of Friendly Noise with a party, on November 4, 2006 at Underjorden/Koloni in Gothenburg.

The order of the songs isn’t chronological, it’s instead our ­attempt to make the record sound as good as possible as a whole. The comments below on all the catalogue numbers are cited just as they ­originally were published.


1. Bognor Regis (Peter Jackson)
2. (Jack) Lullaby (Viktor Sjöberg)
3. Rondo (Most Valuable Players)
4. Stratoscope (VED)
5. Get Nowhere (Peter Nilsson)
6. Hultviksvägen 7 (Peter Jackson)
7. The Bravest Person I Know (Redmalm)
8. Shut Out (Flow Flux Clan)
9. September (Robotboy)
10. Hashish in Nizza (Peter Jackson)
11. Sol genom lövverket (Enheten för musik och melodi)
12. En gång i Stockholm (Testbild!)
13. Dedicated to Therese Holm (Testbild!)
14. 1959y (Malkovic)
15. Almost Close (Peter Jackson)
16. Open Night (Most Valuable Players)
17. Bachelor Kisses (The Radio Dept.)
18. Vinden susar i advent (Action Biker)
19. Postojna (Peter Jackson)
20. Whatever We Want (Erik de Vahl)
21. Leaving Smears (Band in Box)
22. Just A Little Lovin’ (Jian)
23. Curriculum Circular (Differnet)


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