“Lady Macbeth”

“Lady Macbeth” is an old, though previously not released, seven minute long song, probably recorded in the Summer of 2003, that Friendly Noise got from Differnet early in 2004. Never have Differnet sounded more shoegazey than this! They had almost forgotten about “Lady Macbeth” but we thought it was a good idea to finally release this old favourite of ours to coincide with the Friendly Noise night at Sugar Bar 7 August (2008), where Differnet played live, supported by french/japanese artist Kumi. That night we also sold a limited 3″ cd-r edition of it. Tomas, from Differnet, also told us that the original, proper title of “Lady Macbeth” is “Somnambulist” (meaning a person that goes sleepwalking).

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As of now this is the only available documentation on the album:

An apparatus with a sad objective

The average density of this music is enough to stop its expansion so that it begins contracting. Although the end result is unknown, this scenario may allow the beginning to have been immediately preceded by the end of preceding performances: countless swarming bees preceding a sudden urge in the midst of the swarm to bring forth cityscapes and parklands, or a story of love delayed from the viewpoint of exactly that same city in respect to another galaxy. Another idea could be to allow the music of someone else carefully unfold inside the milieu already established. Would that be enough to stop the music from expanding? Probably not.

But if instead a song tells us about the future and then presents us with precisely this same vision? That, for sure, would make the apparatus fold in on itself. We may even venture to prevent this fatal dilution by means of a quaquaversal, totalizing insurance, allowing us to manipulate secondary energy sources through the increasing efficacy of information processing. Perhaps not. Perhaps still. If we could just imagine all the things to come as anticipations of the past, as the average density of this music.


1. Patterns of Parklands
2. Caring Arms
3. Savage
4. Prediction and Event
5. Survival Kit
6. Electricity (is Not What it Used to Be)
7. Stadium
8. A Fairy Tale



This info on the new Differnet record comes straight from the group: “the title is the text printed on the cover, or nothing at all. you choose. here is a round-up of the tracks which will be included, with some short bits of disinformation. A FABLE: as title suggests, and in a galaxy far away. EDISON: a song in several parts. stylus ultimately picking up, the pick-up event adventure. SAURAU: austrian misantropy to a disco beat. ON A TRAIL: johan duncanson of radio dept singing wrong of love gone wrong. SEARCHiNG FOR MR RIGHT: young marble giants were a great band. no further explanation needed. CALIGULA (PART1): first installment featuring a very wicked boychild. drone-style. CRASH RECONSTRUCTION: built around a track from, and featuring, swedish band CDOASS. electro in the middle. ALBUQUERQUE: like a childrens rhyme, but distorted. sometimes. vocals by sarah nyberg pergament, a.k.a. action biker. KERNEL PANIC: a sort of operating systems funk. something beautiful could happen. ANALFABETISM: the sound of an old harmonium, an alfa a beta - let it be all you need. MAGNETIC MEMORIES: can’t get you out of my mind.

A musicological fable: Once upon a time, and then, never again. How did it start, how will it change, and what is the end going to be? How much was actually heard anew after the first intentional tones and chords? The music on this CD, like all music since the days of the palaeolithic bone flutes, is supported and transmitted by this non-recurrent project: the technique of the Muses. The music on this CD slowly moves towards its own inevitable silence. It moves through time, just like the human heart, towards its own cardiac arrest. It becomes its own dagger. It will thus always recall the artistic disintegration, of which it has become such a telling part. Even if the music on this CD could still be recreated or read-off long after the silence and final repression of all other music, it would only be to serve the sad purpose of an auto-epitaph.


02: Edison
04: On A Trail
08: Kernel Panic
09: Albvquerque
11: Magnetic Memories



Welcome To The Glitch World Of Pop!

“An inventory of appliances, a layout of tools, a bunch of objects, a series of treatments. A user friendly music, electro-domestic, organic organs, small animal ensembles, unknown soloists… international byzantine songs!”

Friendly Noise proudly present our second release, following the “Friendly People Making Noise” compilation” earlier this year: a 11-track adventure titled “Come On And Bring Back The Brjokén Sounds Of Yore!” (FYN 08, release date Sep 27, 2003) performed by the trio Differnet, consisting of Tomas Bodén, Anna-Karin Brus and Peter Jackson.

Musically the scope of the adventure ranges from the electronic to the acoustic, from noise to pop melodies, from vocal to instrumental songs, with lyrics full of associations to film, art, philosophy and literature. Tomas Bodén’s creative treatment of the sounds is unmistakable - a misplaced sound from the guitar can, say, be transformed into the framework of a song.

The record begins with “Viloläge”, a dystopic poem written by Jackson. “Mikrophonie” is a long, epic popsong with fine layers of chiselled out sound. “Mycobacterium Tuberculosis” unites jarring noise with a lovely melody. The legendary documentary filmmaker Eric M Nilsson has made a video for the song. “Revolution Nein” is austere postpunkdisco. “Settled” is house influenced pop in the Differnet way. On “How?” Sophie Rimheden guests on vocals. “Conflictionary (Barricade Builders Of The World Unite And Take Cover)” shows Schneider Tm, Dntel and Pulseprogramming how modern pop should sound. The last song “Fragment 75″ is a monotone, kraut-ish song which is both the first song Differnet ever wrote and a hopeful starting-point for further adventures.

Eight of the eleven songs have previously floated around in earlier incarnations as mp3-files or, in very limited editions, on the groups acclaimed, self-released CD-r releases. “Come On And Bring Back The Brjokén Sounds Of Yore!” is a contemporary debut album in how it’s simultaneously a retrospective best-of compilation of the huge output only available as data files. For us, this record release is necessary in many ways, but above all: Differnet’s music is so brilliant that it must finally be converted from transient data to durable art and be packaged in a dignified manner.


1. Viloläge
2. Mikrophonie
3. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
4. Revolution Nein
5. The Cars That Ate Berlin
6. Settled
7. Convolution Sweatshop
8. How?
9. Conflictionary (Barricade Builders of the
World Unite and Take Cover)
10. Summerface
11. Fragment 75


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