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Friday, September 4th, 2009

“Det fina med de här filmerna (och även andra av Möller) är att de med smÃ¥ produktionsmedel och pÃ¥ kort tid lyckas genomborra svÃ¥ra frÃ¥gor som ensamhet, utanförskap och förnedring. Den svarta humorn är förfinad och visar ibland upp sig i sin extremaste form. Hade dessa filmer gjorts med en större produktion tror jag inte det hade blivit lika bra. RÃ¥heten förstärks bara genom att man märker och känner av den lÃ¥ga budgeten. Filmerna verkar ocksÃ¥ gjorda med stor kreativ lust och energi som exploderat i dessa smÃ¥ obehagliga och fantastiska verk. Ibland är det bara vÃ¥ld och död. Ibland är det rena poesin.” / SMOGG

Senare denna mÃ¥nad släpps Henrik Möllers DVD “Kaninhoran och andra barndomsminnen frÃ¥n Malmö”, som samlar det mesta och bästa av hans kortfilmsproduktion (innehÃ¥ller alltsÃ¥ inte Malmö-filmerna som gjorts tillsammans med Video Direkt.), till exempel “Det trötta hatet” som visas ovan och de ritade Rufus-filmerna. Testbild! medverkar med en del musik pÃ¥ DVD:n. I vissa fall är musiken specialskriven (som till menyerna), men i andra fall används lÃ¥tar frÃ¥n skivorna. Det är inte Friendly Noise som ger ut “Kaninhoran…”, men vi gillar Henrik Möller och vill gärna tipsa om att man kan förbeställa DVD:n här.

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Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Great pictures by Moa Andersdotter from last weekend’s “Imagine a balloon” event.

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Following up their message in a bottle on VÃ¥gor & strömmar from a couple of summers ago, Testbild! will release a new single, as yet untitled (catalogue number: FYN 105) in a hot air balloon this weekend in Malmö. The songs can only be heard on location in conjunction with the release, after that they will be permanently destroyed from all archives and forever lost. Come and watch its ascent… This will take place on Saturday August 22nd, at 6:30 in the evening, by the sea, next to Ljudkullen, Västra hamnen, Malmö. Bring your drink of choice…

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Monday, April 20th, 2009


Testbild! will make their first live performance in Stockholm for a year at “Ny musik för hÃ¥llbar utveckling”, at Kilen/Kulturhuset, Sunday 3 May.

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Som reviews/words about “Aquatint” lately: Sonic, Sound Of Music, Radio Khartoum, The Jet Set Junta, Shelflife blog, Västerbottens Folkblad, Ny musik för hÃ¥llbar utveckling, Västerviks-Tidningen, Digfi interview, Digfi chart.

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“Aquatint” can now also be listened to and bought at Klicktrack.

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We have also updated the Friendly Noise discography at Discogs, it’s pretty detailed now.

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Aquatint from Friendly Noise on Vimeo.

The release party was earlier this week, and the official release date - nowadays, without any kind of official distribution, that’s just a date to include in the press release so it all will look proper and 4 real for reviewers - is Wednesday 11 March, and listed below are the lovely persons who pre-ordered Testbild!’s “Aquatint”. There’s a little delay in sending the record to the pre-orderers since the extra presents that we have promised are still in production… But we hope to send it all away in the beginning of next week!

Thank you all, from Friendly Noise! Patronage pop is here to stay:
Johannes Nilsson, Klas Senatus Sjögren, Björn Hallström, Jonas Hellström, Patrik Lindgren, Emmanuel Nyberg, Jürgen Heil, Björn Berglund, Alberto Guerrero Gómez, Mathieu Bournazel, Gustav Josefsson, Henrik Möller, Robert Karlsson, Magnus Johnsson, Denis Mace, Arnd Zeigler, Edvin Lindström, Joakim Norling, Robert Elfving,
Ed Mazzucco, Rebecca Waters Boldsen Lund, Stefan Wesley, Jennifer Lee, Björn Ekström, Peter Quick, Michael Vogt, Ulf Österström, Jonas Juuso, Erik Ejewall,, David Redmalm, Bart Van Laecke, Elias Hillström, Michael Krenz, Nils Hansson, Robert Jakobsson, Patric Kiraly, Fredrik Jönsson, Zeljko Cirikovacki, Johan Fredriksson, Martin Hwasser, John Houghtaling, Daisuke Shigemoto, Andreas Gredegård,
Ivar Lavett, Christophe Patris, David Schrittesser, Huw Rees, Erik Bråvander, Johan Bielecki, Susanna Johansson, Mattias Jonsson, Marcus Wall, Stine Mari Rong, Jeffrey Sommer, Per Engström, Oriol Rife, Per Hägglund, Tor Billgren, Mikael Thorsén, Jonas Stenberg, Lars Nilsson, Daniel Bengmark, Kim Grönqvist, Mitchell Mounteer, Martin Jonsjö, Oscar Täckström, Noah Wilson.

(Note: One (1) person who pre-ordered didn’t want to have his name published. We respect that completely.)

* * *

The film at the top is by Pontus Lundkvist, including music from “Aquatint”, and is included in the CD.

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Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Our friend Moa Andersdotter took some wonderful pictures of Testbild! at the “Aquatint” release party at Babel in Malmö yesterday.










All photos: Moa Andersdotter

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Friday, February 6th, 2009

Onsdag 18/2, kl 20.00 på Klubb Micro, Babel, Spångatan 38 i Malmö, 60 kr, fri ålder, support: Ljudbilden & Piloten

Läs mer här.

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008
  1. In 2009 Friendly Noise will release one new artefact every three months. Every release can differ from the previous one; it all depends on what we and our bands/artists want to do. One release can be a CD, another a vinyl, and then a printed object or something else.
  2. The artefacts will be released as limited editions. This will, when it’s records, be combined with good digital distribution, which means unlimited availability for anyone who wants the music.
  3. The artefacts will be manufactured in editions of 300 copies. The price to buy them will, considering the limited editions, still be relatively inexpensive since we no longer will have middle man distributors, and also because we don’t do this for profit.
  4. It’s not until we receive 100 pre-orders that we will send the record to the manufacturing place. If not 100 people are interested in the artefact then we might, if it’s music, release it as mp3:s instead. Or not at all.
  5. Those who pre-order an artefact will be guaranteed a copy of it, and you will be the first one who gets it. We will also always include an exclusive present, a poster or something similar in the package.
  6. All names of those who pre-order will be published on the Friendly Noise website as a gesture of our appreciation of your support. (For those who prefer to be anonymous, just let us know and we’ll keep it that way.)
  7. The first artefact to be released under these guidelines is “Aquatint”, the new, fifth album by Testbild! Following last year’s “Une teinte intense”, an album light as a mirage, that bridges pop, jazz and exotica in the sun-bleached deserts of North Africa, “Aquatint” is, instead, an outburst of underwater inspiration.
  8. A taster of “Aquatint” was released as an mp3 single on December 5th: “My Brother the Submariner” / “Garnet Brand Land”, and here’s detailed information on what to expect from “Aquatint”.
  9. Be an early adopter, and be one of the 100 pre-orderers, at our shop.
  10. Hopefully “Aquatint” will be manufactured, released and delivered during January 2009. Thank you for your interest!

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Monday, December 15th, 2008

On December 6 we had a small Friendly Noise Christmas party at the art gallery Detroit in Stockholm. A very nice day with glögg, gingerbread biscuits, presents, live music by Luva, Ring Snuten and Komponisten, premiere screenings of the new Testbild! video by Pontus Lundkvist (which will be included on the “Aquatint”, the forthcoming Testbild! album), and Sebastian Rozenberg’s new videos for Parker Lewis and Luva.

We also gave away 50 copies of a 12 page fanzine in A4 format where we, amongst other things, try to explain our release ideas for 2009 . Here’s a pdf of it for those of you you weren’t there (it’s in Swedish…), and here’s about 30 photos from the party.

* * *

We have a new member in the Friendly Noise board: Niklas Karlsson, otherwise known from Vänskap and Ny musik för hållbar utveckling.

* * *

More info about our release of “Aquatint” by Testbild! will appear here very soon. The album is a bit - but only a bit - delayed…

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Friday, December 5th, 2008

Now available from Klicktrack mp3 shop!

Two tracks from the forthcoming album by Testbild! entitled Aquatint. Following last year’s Une teinte intense, an album light as a mirage, that bridges pop, jazz and exotica in the sun-bleached deserts of North Africa, Aquatint is, instead, an outburst of underwater inspiration.

“My Brother the Submariner” is originally a song by The Hepburns that finds its message explored further by Testbild!. “Garnet Brand Land” is set somewhere over the waves yet under the stars. Possibly near the coast of Mexico, by the sound of it.

Swedish magazine Digfi said: “Who could possibly resist music as exquisite as this?

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