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Monday, February 15th, 2010

Believe it or not but we still have boxes of unsold Friendly Noise titles! Now we want to get rid of them, since we’re no longer a record label. “SELLING OUT” is our last attempt at distribution of these CDs. Eight CDs for basically the price of shipping and package, a once in a lifetime give-away opportunity.

Please note: We have only a limited quantity of some titles. On the basis of first come, first served, your order will be shipped in the beginning of March. Promise. Go to our shop for prices, more info, and ordering!. Friday March 5th is the final date to order. What won’t get sold we’ll bury in the woods to be dug up by a future civilization. We owe them that, at least.



Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Aquatint from Friendly Noise on Vimeo.

The release party was earlier this week, and the official release date - nowadays, without any kind of official distribution, that’s just a date to include in the press release so it all will look proper and 4 real for reviewers - is Wednesday 11 March, and listed below are the lovely persons who pre-ordered Testbild!’s “Aquatint”. There’s a little delay in sending the record to the pre-orderers since the extra presents that we have promised are still in production… But we hope to send it all away in the beginning of next week!

Thank you all, from Friendly Noise! Patronage pop is here to stay:
Johannes Nilsson, Klas Senatus Sjögren, Björn Hallström, Jonas Hellström, Patrik Lindgren, Emmanuel Nyberg, Jürgen Heil, Björn Berglund, Alberto Guerrero Gómez, Mathieu Bournazel, Gustav Josefsson, Henrik Möller, Robert Karlsson, Magnus Johnsson, Denis Mace, Arnd Zeigler, Edvin Lindström, Joakim Norling, Robert Elfving,
Ed Mazzucco, Rebecca Waters Boldsen Lund, Stefan Wesley, Jennifer Lee, Björn Ekström, Peter Quick, Michael Vogt, Ulf Österström, Jonas Juuso, Erik Ejewall,, David Redmalm, Bart Van Laecke, Elias Hillström, Michael Krenz, Nils Hansson, Robert Jakobsson, Patric Kiraly, Fredrik Jönsson, Zeljko Cirikovacki, Johan Fredriksson, Martin Hwasser, John Houghtaling, Daisuke Shigemoto, Andreas Gredegård,
Ivar Lavett, Christophe Patris, David Schrittesser, Huw Rees, Erik Bråvander, Johan Bielecki, Susanna Johansson, Mattias Jonsson, Marcus Wall, Stine Mari Rong, Jeffrey Sommer, Per Engström, Oriol Rife, Per Hägglund, Tor Billgren, Mikael Thorsén, Jonas Stenberg, Lars Nilsson, Daniel Bengmark, Kim Grönqvist, Mitchell Mounteer, Martin Jonsjö, Oscar Täckström, Noah Wilson.

(Note: One (1) person who pre-ordered didn’t want to have his name published. We respect that completely.)

* * *

The film at the top is by Pontus Lundkvist, including music from “Aquatint”, and is included in the CD.

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Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Our two new records, “Hesperian Puisto” (FYN 69) by Action Biker and the “Splendid Isolation” (FYN 68) compilation, are finally here. Support Friendly Noise and our artists and buy the records in our new web shop!

“Hesperian Puisto” was officially released in Scandinavia (distribution by Border) last Wednesday and DN, the biggest morning paper in Sweden, gave it a positive 4 out of 5 grade review. Action Biker also did a Digfi Session the other week, where she’s interviewed and play some of the songs off the album.

“Splendid Isolation” will be released through shops in Scandinavia next week, but the official release party for it will be a little bit later, at the next Friendly Noise club night at Sugar Bar in Stockholm. That’s on Tuesday 6 May, and Erik de Vahl, one of the “Splendid Isolation” contributors, will perform an acoustic set live, his first concert in 18 months. DJ:s during that night will be people from the other “Splendid Isolation” groups.

On Monday the new records will be available to download at Klicktrack , and then later this Spring more properly available in America, Japan and the UK.

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Good news for our UK friends: at last the Friendly Noise titles are stocked by a mailorder in England, and that’s by the good old Rhythm!



Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Good news for our American friends, our six latest CD releases are now available at Other Music, the legendary and super friendly record store and mailorder. Here’s what they write on their website:

“In our endless quest to try to introduce you to interesting sounds ahead of the curve, we bring you six new titles from Friendly Noise. Based in Skarpnack, Sweden, the label’s output combines the styles and sensibilities of imprints like Morr Music, Karaoke Kalk, Type, and Hapna. You can also detect a sort of post-Belle and Sebastian charm in their artists, the musicality and orchestration bolstered by an overall sophistication that unintentionally seems to reference Les Disques du Crepuscule.

One of the most recent Friendly Noise releases, Testbild!’s Une Teinte Intense is a good one to start with to get an overall sense of the label. Excellent production qualities showcase a variety of modern, trans-continental pop thanks to old-fashioned songwriting decorated with sampled bits and field recordings. What results sounds like the United Nations of Antena: a little dubby indie tropicalia here, a little Arabian ambient pop there, a little mod-pop Free Design/ indie-lounge a la Sea and Cake there; but Testbild! maintain a skilled balance of sweet and mature throughout.

The Dreamers’ Day for Night is another great release for trying out Friendly Noise. Featuring a male/female duo with the vocal texture and cadence of Broadcast’s Trish Keenan, but with its own musicality, personality and atmosphere set in a breeze-blown, sun-drenched pasture, the record is really charming and full of self-assured confidence — light on its feet in that Brazilian way and positive in that modern indie way, but solid and thoughtfully written. The Dreamers are very easy to like but definitely not just another guilty pleasure.

I really wish I had the time and space to elaborate on all the releases but listed below are some other great Friendly Noise titles that we’re carrying. (Click on the title to add to your shopping cart.) [SM]

Excellent post-Dntel electronic songs with exceptional variety, subtlety and charm.

DIFFERNET: Collapsing Universe $12.99
Also excellent female-led pop-tronica that has slightly more abrasive electronic sounds but still maintains the label’s overall qualities. They’re almost like a Friendly Noise version of the Knife, but more personal. Includes a killer cover of Eurtythmics’ “Savage!”

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Are You Scared to Get Happy? $12.99
Includes tracks by the Field and Radio Dept., as well as Flow Flux Clan, Testbild! and Kuryakin…not a bad place to start!

TESTBILD!: Imagine a House $12.99″

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Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Today is not only the day when the colour of our website switched from blue to green, it’s also the official release date for Differnet’s “Collapsing Universe” album and lots of things to report! For starters, a couple of early reviews, all in Swedish: DN, The Cricket, Sydsvenskan .

Today, to coincide with the event of “Collapsing Universe”, we finally have put all our releases at Klicktrack, to have a place for people to buy downloads of mp3:s of our records legally.

And, as a dessert, the long Differnet radio interview from Monday June 4 is now archived online and listenable at the P3 Pop website (the interview starts 22:24 minutes in the show).

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