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Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Robots is the festival theme for Phono this year.

Next week, 9-12th September, it’s time for Phonofestivalen in Bergen, Norway, where Action Biker and Liminals will play. Check for all further info!

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Sunday, May 31st, 2009

This is the new single from The Dreamers, the duo of Kevin Wright and Sarah Nyberg Pergament. It’s their first release since the beautiful “Day For Night” album in 2007. Kevin and Sarah has meanwhile been busy with own projects; Kevin with recording and releasing the new Mr. Wright album out now on the Series Two label, and Sarah and Friendly Noise have, of course, released the debut Action Biker album “Hesperian Puisto”. “NÃ¥gon Annan” (which some may remember from The Dreamers’ concerts, it was actually at #1 in the Digfi chart as early as 2007 on the strength of being heard live) and “My Stupid Heart” are two songs to download for free; enjoy and spread them as much as you like! The video are by Geoff Howell, who previously has produced moving images for Testbild! and Action Biker.

Here’s Kevin Wright on the new The Dreamers single:
“These two pieces are our personal favourites of all our songs. ‘NÃ¥gon Annan’ started life in English but the words never sounded quite right. I suggested Sarah try and translate it into French but she had a better idea and our first Swedish song was born. Suddenly it gained a poetry it didn’t have in the original. We played it live and got a good reaction straight away, the emotion contained seems to be universal. Both songs are very simple. I only realised ‘My Stupid Heart’ was any good when I heard Sarah sing it. You often don’t realise what you have done until later. The recordings, done in Stockholm, are very simple and unadorned and contain something of the beauty we hoped for all along.”

Download FYN 103: “NÃ¥gon Annan” / “My Stupid Heart” here!

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Friday, May 15th, 2009

The first Sail A Whale interview, at Digfi.

* * *

Sarah Nyberg Pergament (Action Biker, The Dreamers) has composed music for “Lose Lose Situation: Live in Russia!”, a dance/performance by the coreographer Daniel Andersson taking place on 17 May (7 PM) in St Petersburg in Russia at a dance/litterature festival called BODYWORD. The address is Place club (Marshala Govorova str. 45).

* * *

Related: soon there will be a new single from The Dreamers, we think. Until then, don’t miss out on the new Mr Wright album “Diary of a fool”, out now on the Series Two label.

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Two pieces of news:

* Norwegian radio show Spissfindie kindly dedicated 30 minutes to Friendly Noise the other week, including an interview and music from all the Friendly Noise bands, here’s a link to listen to it (in Swedish/Norwegian).

* Action Biker is going away on a short tour, the dates:
27 January, Cosy den, Landet, Stockholm
30 January, Pop Kombinat, NBI Club, Berlin
31 January, Hit The North, Thalia Theater, Hamburg
28 February, London Pop Fest, Macbeth, London

More info about the London gig here:
London Pop Fest

The video below is from last year, Action Biker performing “Hesperian Puisto”, made by the PSL blog.

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Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Action Biker will be playing live at the free Dans Dakar festival next Saturday, 23 August, at Gula villan/Frescati in Stockholm. And at White Chocolate Bunny Ears there’s a new Action Biker interview.

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Friday, June 13th, 2008

A bit short notice but here’s a message to you people in New York: Action Biker will perform her first concert in America tomorrow, Saturday 14 June! It’s in New York at the NYC Popfest, at the Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow Street. At 2 pm.

Some new links about Action Biker:
Allmusic review, PSL clip, Undertoner review, Off The Record attention , The Cricket review.

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Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Our two new records, “Hesperian Puisto” (FYN 69) by Action Biker and the “Splendid Isolation” (FYN 68) compilation, are finally here. Support Friendly Noise and our artists and buy the records in our new web shop!

“Hesperian Puisto” was officially released in Scandinavia (distribution by Border) last Wednesday and DN, the biggest morning paper in Sweden, gave it a positive 4 out of 5 grade review. Action Biker also did a Digfi Session the other week, where she’s interviewed and play some of the songs off the album.

“Splendid Isolation” will be released through shops in Scandinavia next week, but the official release party for it will be a little bit later, at the next Friendly Noise club night at Sugar Bar in Stockholm. That’s on Tuesday 6 May, and Erik de Vahl, one of the “Splendid Isolation” contributors, will perform an acoustic set live, his first concert in 18 months. DJ:s during that night will be people from the other “Splendid Isolation” groups.

On Monday the new records will be available to download at Klicktrack , and then later this Spring more properly available in America, Japan and the UK.

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Monday, April 14th, 2008


Vi firar utgivningen av Action Bikers debutalbum “Hesperian Puisto” genom en liten tillställning pÃ¥ Berlin Sthlm (SkÃ¥negatan 71) onsdag 16/4.

Det blir skivspelande med bra musik, trevligt folk och spännande samtal. “Hesperian Puisto” samt vÃ¥r lika nya samling “Splendid Isolation” kommer finnas tillgängliga för första gÃ¥ngen.

Bland andra Jens Lundström (Cul De Sac) och Axel Willner (The Field) kommer spela skivor.

Fri entré.

Hoppas att vi ses där,
Friendly Noise

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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Speltider för Friendly Noise-torsdagen på Debaser Slussen:

Differnet, Most Valuable Players och Testbild! kommer spela live.

19:00 Öppnar
Ca 20:00 Första bandet spelar
Ca 21:00 Andra bandet spelar
Ca 22:00 Tredje bandet spelar
01:00 Stänger
Action Biker + Friendly Noise spelar skivor.

Inträdet kostar 80 kr.

VÃ¥ra kommande skivor, Action Bikers “Hesperian Puisto” (intervju i dagens DN ) och “Splendid Isolation”-samlingen, kommer tyvärr inte vara klara. Vi har haft lite otur helt enkelt. Men de är pÃ¥ gÃ¥ng.

Testbild! är på turné, här är datumen, ställena och tiderna:

Tors 27 Debaser Slussen, Stockholm (Friendly Noise label night med Differnet och Most Valuable Players, DJ: Action Biker. Kl 19.00, 80 kr)
Fre 28 Fyrisbiografen, Uppsala (Insläpp 16.30, konsert 17.00, 50 kr)
Lör 29 Chinabigrafen, Jönköping (kvällstid, prisvärt inträde)

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Monday, February 25th, 2008

On Wednesday, 5 March, it’s not only the FLM/Friendly Noise night at Allmänna Galleriet, it’s also the night of the highly anticipated live comeback of Most Valuable Players! At Debaser Slussen, supporting A Mountain Of One, and it’s MVP:s first concert in 16 months.

* Some new reviews: Pop News about The Dreamers, Broken Face about Testbild!, Pop ‘n Cherries about Robotboy, and Too Much Apple Pie about Action Biker.

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