FYN 01 “Friendly People Making Noise”, CD (March 2003) SOLD OUT!

FYN 02 Liner notes for “Futile Crimes” by The Embassy (November 2002)

FYN 03 The website (March 2003)

FYN 04 DJ set by Friendly Noise at Distro, Stockholm (March 2003)

FYN 05 Release party for “FPMN” at Fylkingen, Stockholm, with Differnet, Paddington DC, Lars Blek and Speedwax live (March 2003)

FYN 06 Release party for “FPMN” at Inkonst, Malmö, with Hans Appelqvist, Dr Higgins and Lars Blek live (April 2003)

FYN 07 Åsa Samuelsson exhibition at Läckerbiten (July 2003)

FYN 08 Differnet - “Come On And Bring Back The Brjokén Sounds Of Yore!”, CD (September 2003)

FYN 09 Release party for Differnet’s “Come On…” at Våren i Paris, Stockholm. Differnet and Most Valuable Players perfomed live. (September 2003)

FYN 10 DJ set by Friendly Noise + Differnet live at Sabotage, Uppsala (November 2003)

FYN 11 DJ set by Friendly Noise + Differnet live at Accelerator, Stockholm (November 2003)

FYN 12 DJ set by Friendly Noise + Differnet live at YAIL, Malmö (January 2004)

FYN 13 Rocky Dennis - “When My Dreams”/Lars Blek & Action Biker - “My Everything”, unreleased 7” split

FYN 14 DJ set by Friendly Noise at Krisma, Stockholm (January 2004)

FYN 15 DJ set by Friendly Noise at Osaka vs Tokyo, Stockholm (March 2004)

FYN 16 This is Our Music, TV Show, MTV, featuring interviews with Friendly Noise, Lars Blek, Action Biker and Paddington DC. (March 2004)

FYN 17 DJ set by Friendly Noise + Differnet live at Blekingska, Lund (March 2004)

FYN 18 DJ set by Friendly Noise at Äntligen Måndag, Gothenburg (March 2004)

FYN 19 DJ set by Friendly Noise + Lars Blek live at Accelerator, Stockholm (March 2004)

FYN 20 Embroidery by Hanna Fahl

FYN 21 News folder, designed by Per Johansson (Summer 2004)

FYN 22 Testbild! - The Inexplicable Feeling of September, CD (September 2004)

FYN 23 Release festivity for Testbild!’s “The Inexplicable…” at La Couronne, Malmö, with Majessic Dreams and Douglas + Rikard live. (September 2004)

FYN 24 Friendly Noise night at H62, Stockholm, with Differnet, The Embassy, The Field and Viktor Sjöberg live (December 2004)

FYN 25 Release festivity for Differnet’s FYN 26 album at Uppenbar, Uppsala, with Differnet and The Field live (March 2005)

FYN 26 Differnet - The title of the record is the text printed on the cover, or nothing at all (March 2005)

FYN 27 Release festivity for Differnet’s FYN 26 album at Landet, Stockholm, with Differnet live (March 2005)

FYN 28 Friendly Noise night at Landet, Stockholm, with Andreas Tilliander and The Field live (April, 2005)

FYN 29 “Where Did This Begin?”, film by Testbild!, premiere showing at Flora & Fauna evening at Kägelbanan, Stockholm (December, 2005)

FYN 30 “Are You Scared To Get Happy?”, CD (February, 2006)

FYN 31 Most Valuable Players “You In Honey”, CD (February, 2006)

FYN 32 Release party for AYSTGH? and MVP:s “You In Honey”, at Landet. Nicolas Makelberge performed live, MVP and Sarto dj:ed their favourite records (February, 2006)

FYN 33 Testbild! “Imagine A House”, CD (June 2006)

FYN 34 Release party for “Imagine A House” at På Besök in Malmö, Viktor Sjöberg performed live (June, 2006)

FYN 35 Friendly Noise four year anniversary party at Underjorden/Koloni in Göteborg. Ved, Differnet, Viktor Sjöberg and Most Valuable Players peformed live. (November, 2006)

FYN 36 Differnet “mpkg 2: Chocolate Edition”, 3? (November 2006), mp3 (January 2007)

FYN 37 Viktor Sjöberg “… Imagines A House”, 3? (November 2006), mp3 (January 2007)

FYN 38 Malkovic “1959y” mp3 (February 2007)

FYN 39 Jian “Just A Little Lovin’” mp3 (February 2007)

FYN 40 Redmalm “Things And Thoughts” mp3 (March, 2007)

FYN 41 Friendly Noise night at The New Now/Klubb Heimat at Landet, where Redmalm performed live. (10 March, 2007)

FYN 42 Friendly Noise DJ:s at Bonniers Konsthall, seven Sundays between 11 March and 29 April 2007 (March-April 2007)

FYN 43 Peter Jackson “Directed By…”, mp3 (April 2007)

FYN 44 Ved “Stratoscope”, mp3 (May 2007)

FYN 45 Differnet’s official coffee blend (June 2007)

FYN 46 Peter Nilsson “Get Nowhere”, mp3 (May 2007)

FYN 47 Release party for Differnet’s “Collapsing Universe” album at Pet Sounds Bar, Stockholm. Differnet performed live. (June 6, 2007)

FYN 48 Testbild! “En gång i Stockholm”, mp3 (June 2007)

FYN 49 Band In Box “Leaving Smears”, mp3 (July 2007)

FYN 50 Differnet “Collapsing Universe”, CD (June 2007)

FYN 51 I godan ro: We Feed Them Knives, Alphabet Extravaganza, Kim Ki O, The Radio Dept, mp3 (August 2007)

FYN 52 Testbild! “Une Teinte Intense”, CD (September 2007)

FYN 53 Release party for Testbild!’s “Une Teinte Intense” at På Besök in Malmö. Band In Box performed live, CD (22 September 2007)

FYN 54 Enheten för musik och melodio, mp3 (Sepember 2007)

FYN 55 The Dreamers “Day For Night”, CD (October 2007)

FYN 56 Release party for The Dreamers “Day For Night”, at Stacken, Stockholm. The Dreamers and Enheten för musik och melodi performed live. (October 2007)

FYN 57 Screen printed Friendly Noise t-shirt with angel logo (December 2007)

FYN 58 Robotboy “September”, mp3 (October 2007)

FYN 59 Most Valuable Plaryers “Rondo”, mp3 (October 2007)

FYN 60 Action Biker “Refridgerator”, mp3 (November 2007)

FYN 61 Release party for the first issue of new film magazine FLM. Action Biker performed live and Friendly Noise DJ:ed. (December 2007)

FYN 62 Video by Sebastian Rozenberg for “Rondo” by Most Valuable Players (December 2007)

FYN 64 Release party for the second issue of FLM. Sarto performed live and Friendly Noise DJ:ed. (March 2008)

FYN 65 Friendly Noise label night at Debaser Slussen (March 2008)

FYN 66 First Friendly Noise club at Sugar Bar (April 2008)

FYN 68 “Splendid Isolation”, CD (April 2008)

FYN 69 Action Biker “Hesperian Puisto”, CD (April 2008)

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