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Tonight the streets are full of actors, but you need not fear; their intentions are good. Seemingly unaware of the attention, they step out into the shifting limelight of the streetlamps. They’re all heroines and protagonists of their own plays, whether full on tragedies or something which holds a promise of a happy ending. Some of them might be on their way to some obscure club, while others are just roaming the streets in search for answers to eternal questions. Except for a xylophone so big it has to be dragged on a cart, you never really know what their hearts and hands hold. They could be carrying books full of agony and ecstasy or desperately trying to protect their portfolio cases from the heavy rain with the skirts of their slim coats. Don’t be surprised if they’re smuggling drum machines or transporting precious instruments bought for a song.

Their hearts hide dreams of perfect piano intros. Their hands strum plastic harps while aiming the sound at the distant sky. They’re dreamers fighting to lift their heads high, even though they’re heavy from romantic reverie and broken illusions. Always aware of the brutal difference between beauty and the beastly opposite, they quietly watch the violence on the tube and think about the summer night they ran to catch the bus to some far-off gallery in the countryside. To the sound of scattering crows in the gathering night, they hurry home to create that effortlessly elegant music of theirs. Sometimes they see the white light of a brilliant idea while staring into a steamy bathroom mirror. At some other time, one of them will get the flash of an opaque homage to some long forgotten star of stage as through a dream. When the time for tears comes, they’ll share with you their secret stories of loves past or whatever preys on their minds, but only if you have the look of a confidante. The tale may be brighter than you’d imagined.

The music on this record has been taken from the play ‘Are You Scared to Get Happy?’ which ran from 22 August 2003 to 14 June 2006. The play is the second in a trilogy.

Various artists
Title: Are You Scared To Get Happy?
Catalogue number. FYN 30
Label: Friendly Noise
Released: Feb 1 2006


1. The Field “Cola”
2. Auton “Aerikanne”
3. Differnet “It Never Entered My Mind” (live)
4. Friday Bridge “It Girl”
5. The Radio Dept. “Mad About The Boy”
6. Flow Flux Clan “Fascination Street”
7. Sarto “Den vita staden”
8. Erik De Vahl “The Days Before Lunch”
9. Conduo Orchestra “Referencia (remix)”
10. Lars Blek feat Action Biker “My Everything”
11. Most Valuable Players “Stockholm Doesn’t Belong To Me” (remix by Viktor Sjöberg)
12. Testbild! “Landfall”
13. Dianas tempel “It’ll Be Different This Time”
14. Kuryakin “Onie”
15. Discolor “Falls Angel”
16. Majessic Dreams “Changes Or Lies”
17. Action Biker “Eating Noddemix”
18. Stream “Sometimes”
19. Nicolas Makelberge “Johnny Johnny”


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