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01. Intro: Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

“To be romantic, to find a place that has a particular, unique ambience is a struggle. To actually create it is a struggle. To actu­ally deal with it is a struggle. People don’t want to struggle. They have been told they can have every­thing they want by just sitting in bed. If you are living in a culture like that then the last thing you are going to want is something you are going to have to walk ten miles through muddy fields to find. We live in what is easy. We have al­ready been told we are all a nation of middle class. No struggle.”

  “The Sex Pistols’ whole premise was: I’m going to be an artful dodger. I’m going to search for the authentic. I’m going to fucking write songs that I believe in. I’m going to write lyrics that haven’t been used before. I’m not following the old-fashioned template. I’m going to declare the ultimate culture: DIY. You could say that The Sex Pistols, by struggling with their authenticity within the indu­stry, were accepting the fact that they were caught in a world of karaoke. They couldn’t fight it, it was impossible.”

  “Karaoke is a product that can be sold and the authentic is some­thing that isn’t as easily assimi­lated by capital, so therefore what is auth­entic isn’t necessarily what the culture wants on location, because it’s complicated, it’s messy, it’s difficult. You could say that the authentic in some ways is almost art for art’s sake, you are not necessarily doing it as a pursuit to create a product, to create success… rather it was the noble pursuit of failure.”

  * Rubriken har sitt ursprung i Samuel Becketts text Worstward Ho (1983). För en djupdykning i en politisk tolkning av epigrafet kan den slovenske filosofen Slavoj Žižeks bok In defense of lost causes (Verso, 2008) varmt rekommenderas.

** Citaten är plockade från Jefferson Hacks långa intervju med Malcolm McLaren i boken
Star culture – The collected interviews from Dazed & Confused magazine (Phaidon), ursprungligen publicerad december 1999. De säger allt om Friendly Noise. Nästan.

*** Klippet nedan är videon till ”Double dutch”, singel från McLarens Trevor Horn-producerade album
Duck rock (1983): googla “livsbejakande” så lär det dyka upp högst upp bland träffarna. Från samma lieman som “drev Sid Vicious till döden” enligt en av årets mest pinsamma svenska kultursidestexter.

**** Detta, vårt femte, FZN-nummer tillägnar vi Malcolm McLaren (1946-2010).

Stefan Zachrisson